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Agenda 2021

From 7 to 15 January 2021: the project will be presented at the World Conservation Congress to be held in Marseille.

Agenda 2020

June 07, 2020: I Run for Chimps 2020 - race cancelled. See you for the 2021 edition!

March 30, 2020: Registration for the MOOC "Living with Other Animals" is now open! Register by clicking here.

Agenda 2019

February 28, 2019 Carré VIP-Télématin, France 2

5 March 2019: It's Your Turn, Europe 1, Wendy Bouchard: Threats to Great Apes: How Can We Act?

27 April 2019: Chronicle by Fabienne Chauvière, France Inter : "Facial malformations of chimpanzees and baboons".

May 17, 2018: La Tête au Carré, France Inter, "Save the last great apes from extinction" with S. Masi and F. Levrero

July 20, 2019: les Savanturiers, France Inter, Fabienne Chauvière: "the great apes have not finished surprising us".

September 14, 2019: L'heure Bleue, Laure Adler, France Inter: "Chimpanzees, social, curious but very conservative! »

October 6, 2019: Guest of eWendy Bouchard Le grand journal du soir, Europe 1

Co-direction of a 10-minute story in Uganda (shooting of chimpanzees, participation in editing and studio recording) for a prime-time feature on the environment on France 2, broadcast on 15 October 2019.

21 October 2019 - Around the question, Rfi: Why listen to chimpanzees?

October 26, 2019: Wind in the synapses, France Inter: On the trail of chimpanzees in Uganda

November 8, 2019: La Terre au Carré, France Inter: "Chimpanzees, from the community of Sebitoli with the primatologist Sabrina Krief".

29 November 2019 La curiosité, RTL: "How chimpanzees live".

December 31, 2019 : The 6:20 guest by Laetitia Gayet: "We have a future and a past in common with other primates."

December 2019: Plateau France 2 20h30 on Sunday.