On the field

In the field, each team and individual has a very specific role. The Sebitoli Chimpanzee Project is one of the chimpanzee research teams based in Uganda. 

The Sebitoli Champanzee Project (SCP)

The Sebitoli Chimpanzee Project now has 25 Ugandan assistants.

The team of chimpanzee research assistants: Emma, Joseph, Deo, Ibrahim, Wilson, Edward, Nelson and John.

For about ten years, their work consisted of locating and habituating chimpanzees in the Sebitoli community. Today, they are systematically collecting scientific data. Equipped with compass, binoculars and GPS, the assistants move as discreetly as possible in the forest so as not to frighten and disturb the wildlife. When the chimpanzees are located, the assistants identify them. They collect information about their behavior, their diet, their social relationships, their health. They usually work in pairs so as to be quiet and spread out over the chimpanzees' home range to optimize their location. Today, the team of field assistants has almost daily contact with the chimpanzees, both north and south of the road.

The team of trail cutters who maintain our 120 km of forest trails: Patrick, Ronald, Moses and Robert-Daglas.

The anti-poaching team: Clovice, Charles and Philip. Every day, the team patrols to identify illegal activities such as logging, wild pepper collection, but most importantly, they defuse snares that could mutilate chimpanzees and other animals in the Sebitoli forest.

The outreach team: Danila and the two Robert! They also record the video traps that allow them to identify the animal species present on the chimpanzees' territory and also the injuries that elephants, golden cats and chimpanzees suffer due to the traps...

Assistants such as Paul and John help the students in their data collection, a team maintains and monitors the effectiveness of the hive fences...

Not forgetting our precious station guard: Sulaiti!

The PCGS Board of Directors is composed of Sandrine Tauran, Sylvie Gadmer, Jérôme Gay, volunteers.

In France

Jean-Michel KRIEF

Jean-Michel KRIEF

Over the past 20 years, Jean-Michel Krief has developed a gentle and passionate approach to wild chimpanzees. His photos are the result of long and patient years of following and observing chimpanzees in the Kibale forest in Uganda. They take us into the intimacy and mystery of the fascinating behaviour of our closest relatives to share their emotions. His publications in newspapers and these exhibitions aim to make the chimpanzees known, to raise awareness of the beauty of the rainforest and the urgency to preserve it.

Jean-Michel has always shared this field work with his wife, Sabrina Krief.

Together, they founded the association PCGS in 2006. He is co-director of the Sebitoli Chimpanzee Project.

In Uganda


John-Paul OKIMAT

John-Paul OKIMAT

John Paul joined the project in October 2018 and plays a fundamental role in linking research and chimpanzee preservation in Sebitoli. He is the coordinator of the field teams.

He is also the essential link between France and Uganda: communication is almost daily with the French team and allows the outreach activities to be adapted according to the research results.