All scientific publications or publications for a wider public produced for or around the project are available here.

Scientific publications

Pollution from intensive agriculture and road traffic in the chimpanzee environment: assessment and health consequences. In the territory of the chimpanzees we studied at Sebitoli in Kibale National Park in Uganda, we found that 30 baboons also had facial malformations (Lacroux et al. 2019). Passive samplers (POCIS) placed in 3 rivers revealed 13 pesticides in addition to high levels of DDT, pp′-DDE, imidaclorpide and chlorpyrifos found in maize, fish and sediments (Spirhanzlova et al. 2019). Water samples have estrogenic and androgenic effects on tadpoles and transgenic xenopes (Spirhanzlova et al. 2019).

Lacroux, C., Guma, N., & Krief, S. (2019). Facial dysplasia in wild forest olive baboons (Papio anubis) in Sebitoli, Kibale National Park, Uganda: Use of camera traps to detect health defects. Journal of medical primatology, 48(3), 143-153. To access the publication click here

Spirhanzlova, P., Fini, J. B., Demeneix, B., Lardy-Fontan, S., Vaslin-Reimann, S., Lalere, B., Guma, N., Tindall, A. & Krief, S. (2019). Composition and endocrine effects of water collected in the Kibale national park in Uganda. Environmental Pollution, 251, 460-468.


Publications for the general public

Krief, S. (2019). Chimpanzees, my brothers of the forest. Wild World, a New Alliance Series - South Act -ISBN 978-2-330-12669-8. October 2019. To access the publication click here

Collective: Manifesto of the Museum "We and the Other Animals". Relief/Muséum Edition. November 2019.

Krief, S. (2019). The great apes have not finished surprising us. Pp 141-160- In " Les promesses de la science ". Edited by Fabienne Chauvière. Flammarion. 296 p.